Boise to Cambridge: We filled our scoots with gas at the Flying J on Federal Way in Boise then departed at 9am for Cambridge which was 105 miles away. Basically, I-84 west to Exit 25 onto Hwy 44 then a quick left turn onto Old Hwy 30 which became Sand Hollow Rd then Hwy 52 into Payette.

Cambridge: Southbound US-95 where we just came up from Payette via Boise that morning.

Cambridge: We stopped at the Canyon Corner Sinclair for gas, and a butt break. No cell phone service available here nor anywhere else until we reached Baker City.

Cambridge: Directly across the street from the Canyon Corner Sinclair is this interesting looking 'Hotel & Motel' with an antique gas pump along with a red phone booth from England.

Cambridge: Northbound US-95 continues to New Meadows. We got on westbound ID-71, and careemed through the twisties towards Brownlee Reservior. Agua fell pretty far behind as he had to pull over after forgetting to put his earplugs on. We all get our share of brain farts. ;^)

Cambridge to Baker City: This was a 113 mile ride from the Canyon Corner Sinclair in Cambridge to the Chevron in downtown Baker City via Hwy 71 and Hwy 86 otherwise known as Hells Canyon Scenic Byway.

Brownlee Reservior: The picturesque view we got at Mile Marker 5 while northbound on Hwy 71 towards Brownlee Dam.

Oxbow Bridge: Enroute to the Hells Canyon Dam from Copperfield, this 'Entering Idaho' sign tells you that you're not in Oregon anymore while crossing the Snake River.

Oxbow Bridge: Coming back from the Hells Canyon Dam, you get this 'Welcome To Oregon' greeting going over the Snake River to Copperfield, and the Hells Canyon Inn.

Oxbow Bridge: This pic was taken in Copperfield Park alongside the Snake River on the old town site of Copperfield, a mining community known in the early 1900s as the rowdiest town in Oregon. Fire destroyed the town in August 1915.

Oxbow Bridge: Agua Noggin of Ogden, UT on his black '04 Electra Glide Classic.

Hells Canyon Inn: Stopped here for burger, fries, deluxe clubhouse, chips and beverages with friends from Gaston, OR.

Hell's Canyon Inn: Right next door is the store, gas station and B&B. There were hundreds of motorcyclists out and about during the Hells Canyon Rally that day going up to the dam.

Hells Canyon Inn: Outside in the parking lot by Hwy 86 are Agua and Randy with a photographer behind his shoulder. ;^)

Hells Canyon Inn: We got back on westbound Hwy 86 right next to the 'Welcome Bikers' sign.

Hells Canyon Scenic Byway: This is the Hwy 86 jct to NF-39 which goes up to Hells Canyon Overlook, Joseph, and Enterprise.

Wallowa Mountains: Turned onto Eagle Creek Rd for a few minutes to take in this view.

Wallowa Mountains: Nice scenery to the north after crossing the 3653' summit near Mile Marker 57 on Hwy 86.

Richland: Spotted this Hells Canyon Scenic Byway sign right outside of town on westbound Hwy 86 at the New Bridge Rd jct.

Baker City: Just north of Baker City we stopped on Old Trail Rd by Hwy 86 to take in this view of the snow capped Elkhorn Ridge.

Baker City to Austin Junction: After fueling up at the Chevron in downtown Baker City, we followed Hwy 7 otherwise known as the Journey Through Time Scenic Byway to the historic gold mining town of Sumpter by the Elkhorn Mountains for cold ones. We then continued to Austin Junction for some dessert. This was a 58 mile stretch.

Philips Lake: Located off Hwy 7 about 15 miles west of the Baker City, this timbered 2,235-acre reservoir has largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, black crappie, yellow perch, and coho salmon.

Sumpter: We grabbed Hwy 220 into Sumpter, and stopped at the Elkhorn Saloon for a couple of cold ones on tap. Was pretty quiet this late afternoon.

Sumpter: Just up the road from the Elkhorn Saloon is this weathered antiques & collectibles store.

Sumpter: Hwy 220 continues north from Sumpter towards the junctions of Ukiah, Anthony Lake, and Hwy 244.

Sumpter: Aging mural painted on side of the Sumpter Municipal Museum.

Sumpter: Southbound on Hwy 220 in Sumpter towards Hwy 7 and Austin Junction.

Journey Through Time Scenic Byway: Spotted this road sign right outside the Sumpter jct on Hwy 7 while enroute to Austin Junction.

Austin House: We stopped at this joint here in Austin Junction for a huckleberry milkshake washed down with water, and a blackberry pie a la mode chased down by coffee. :-)

Austin House: Interior shot of the cool, old 1864 saloon. Click pic for a closer view of the detailing.

Austin Junction to Boise: It was 160 miles from Austin Junction to Boise via Vale where we stopped for gas at the Cenex station. Just a couple of miles out of Austin Junction a deer was ready to cross the road then, later, a herd of brown cattle was partially blocking our way home until they finally gave us enough room to squeeze through. We took Lytle Blvd from Vale to Enterprise Rd into Nyssa then 20/26 to I-84 back home. Totally blown-out as it had been a long day. Beats sitting on the sofa while channel surfing. =8^)